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"Is This Gym From Lisle, IL Really All what People Say It is..?"
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(Watch What People Are Saying About OPPOSING FORCE)
Here at OPPFOR, we want to make sure you know EXACTLY who we are and what we're all about before you onboard with us.

So this page serves as our way of giving you an inside look into what we do, how we do it, and who we serve.

Here is exactly how you can get the best in depth idea of what we do....
Here's What We've Got
  • The 3 🔑's To Lasting Results - combine these three components and you'll never need to lose weight again
  • Proven Results - have you seen these testimonials??
  • Done-For-You System - all you have to do is show up!!
Here's What We'll Definitely Do For You
  • You Will Lose Weight AND Never Gain It Back - what's the point of getting all sexy if it doesn't last?
  • Incinerate Fat For Good - wouldn't it be nice to be "beach ready" all year round? Vacations are awesome 😎
  • Make You Need A New Wardrobe - who doesn't like to shop for their bada$$ new body?
  • Increase The Notches In Your Belt - strictly speaking about actual belts here 😂
  • Immediate Increase Compliments - because no one likes random people complimenting them on their toned body
  • Get You Strong - because Pinterest says strong is the new skinny 💪🏼
Here's How It Works
  • Intelligent Workout Design - a two year old can make you sweat. It takes professionals to create workouts that are fun AND get you results!
  • Customized Nutrition - yes, you really do make abs in the kitchen. But what good is nutrition advice if it's confusing and impossible to implement? We use our Certified Nutritionist backed meal plans to get you fast AND lasting results.
  • Accountability - daily/weekly check ins with our coaches, community events, challenges, and more to keep you moving forward.
Here's What We Want You To Do Next
Stop looking at all these amazing transformations....

Don't worry, we can't blame you for looking at them...they are pretty amazing ;)

Correct us if we're wrong, but aren't you here because you want your own transformation? 

Do "future you" a massive favor and schedule your call with one of our Coaches so you can start your own transformation today!

If You've Come This Far, You Know This Is What You Need To Do. This Is Your Destiny. Do it.
We have a gift for you :)

It tells us that you like looking at other people standing sideways....😂

Or maybe you're like us and you scroll to the bottom to get the juicy tidbits before scrolling through everything with a fine tooth comb.

Either way, we like to reward people and here's your reward...

When you talk to one of our coaches, mention the secret code below and save $$$$ on your membership! 

The exact amount will depend on how quickly you want to get's a hint: we like people that are ready to start NOW ;)
5401 PATTON DR, #122
LISLE IL 60532
M-F: 5:30-10:30 | 4:00-8:30
SAT: 7:00-12:00